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Season 1 of NRA All Access

Origins of the NRA

Episode 1 Part 1

Since its founding in 1871, the NRA has been the worldwide leader in firearm education and training. Learn of the organization's successes and what's in store for the future.

NRA 500

Episode 1 Part 2

Learn how the NRA arose to a new platform by becoming the title sponsor in a NASCAR cup series known as the NRA 500 in the spring of 2013.

Chad Mendes

Episode 2 Part 1

Meet UFC featherweight Chad “Money” Mendes who is not only an experienced fighter in the ring but also a skilled marksman in the field.

Women’s Wilderness Escape

Episode 2 Part 2 

As the fastest growing demographic with interest in the shooting sports, women of all ages, from 18 and up, gather for an eight-day retreat known as the NRA Women's Wilderness Escape.

Allan Cors

Episode 3 Part 1

In this episode, NRA's current President Allan Cors shares his unique and rare collection of military vehicles and its history. 

NRA Membership

Episode 3 Part 2

The NRA is a membership-based organization with more than 5 million members. We learn what it means to be a member of the NRA and how the association keeps its affiliates informed.

Josh Krueger

Episode 4 Part 1

Purple Heart recipient, Staff Sergeant Josh Krueger, USMC (Retired), shares his journey from childhood to time served in the military and readjusting to life after returning home from war.

NRA Annual Meeting

Episode 4 Part 2

The NRA Annual Meeting is a time for members to gather each year for a weekend of exploring products from every major firearms and outdoors company in the country, enjoy fun filled events and attend educational seminars.

Eddie Eagle

Episode 5 Part 1

Dillon Selby, a Tennessee elementary student, used the fundamentals learned from the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® program when he encountered a gun at his school's playground.

NRA Outdoors

Episode 5 Part 2

Learn how NRA Outdoors serves NRA members searching for a unique outdoor adventure by providing top-notch outfitters and opportunities.

Richard Childress

Episode 6 Part 1

Former NASCAR driver and now one of the most successful NASCAR team owners, Richard Childress, shares his life from the track to the fields as an avid hunter. 

NRA Sporting Arms Museum

Episode 6 Part 2

The new NRA National Sporting Arms Museum is unveiled at the original Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, Missouri. With nearly 1,000 incredible firearms, this sporting arms collection is unlike anything else.

Nicole Goeser

Episode 7 Part 1

Forced to witness her husband's brutal murder at the hands of her stalker, Nicole Goeser shares her incredible story of how a strict gun law denied her a chance to save his life.

NRA Annual Meeting - Industry Relations

Episode 7 Part 2

The outdoor industry meets once a year at the NRA Annual Meeting for a chance to expose the latest and greatest to the organizations members in a central location. 

Josh Thompson

Episode 8 Part 1

Wisconsin native and NRA Country recording artist, Josh Thompson shares his passion for the outdoors and country music while on a nationwide tour. We discover this lifestyle he values of hunting and fishing and relating to his fans.

Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

Episode 8 Part 2

Hear stories of heroes who have been through similar experiences, and their efforts of regaining a sense of self-reliance as they adjust to life back home. 

Survival Trial

Episode 9 Part 1

Learn about the Survival Trial, an endurance challenge like none other held at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico.

Dallas Beshears

Episode 9 Part 2

Go hunting with Jessie Duff and NRA Youth Shooting Sports Ambassador Dallas Beshears and learn about the position's importance in representing the shooting sports.

National Disability Awareness Shoot

Episode 10 Part 1

Learn about the NRA's initiatives to help raise funds and awareness for the disabled shooting sports in this clip from NRA All Access.

Wildlife Conservation

Episode 10 Part 2

Discover the NRA's history of and dedication to conservation and wildlife management in this clip from NRA All Access.

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