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Season 4 of NRA All Access

The Innovation Curve

Episode 1 Part 1

Go behind-the-scenes with Taurus to follow their design process from development to production of firearms that push the boundaries of innovation.

Ryan Newman: Lock and Load for Land

Episode 1 Part 2

NASCAR driver Ryan Newman is as busy off the track as when he's behind the wheel. Discover how he spends time with his family enjoying the outdoors and his passion for wildlife conservation.

Hunter Cayll: No Excuses

Episode 2 Part 1

Hunter Cayll was born without hands and a bilateral club-foot but has never let that stop him from achieving his dreams. In the fall of 2014, Cayll took interest in a new sport – competitive shooting.

Collegiate Shooting: Life of an Athlete

Episode 2 Part 2 

Nearly 300 colleges and universities across the country offer collegiate shooting programs. NRA All Access heads to the University of Akron to see what it takes to be an NCAA athlete.

Kelly Carlson: Fame Fights Back

Episode 3 Part 1

NRA All Access meets with Kelly as she shares her story and how she empowered herself by turning a bad experience in to a positive one. 

Real Estate Agents: Why I Carry

Episode 3 Part 2

We meet with a few agents from Ohio to learn how agents are taking the steps to get their concealed handgun licenses and taking responsibility for their own self-protection. 

Shyanne Roberts: Rising Star

Episode 4 Part 1

Meet the young New Jersey native who has taken to competitive shooting like a duck takes to water and learn why she's so passionate about making a future in the firearms industry.

Eddie Eagle’s New Wing Team

Episode 4 Part 2

Discover Eddie Eagle's all new look and his new group of friends – the Wing Team. Find out about the firearm accident prevention program and how it's taught a lifesaving message to more than 29 million children over its 25 year history.

Eat Organic, Go Hunting

Episode 5 Part 1

World shooting champion Julie Golob joins host Jessie Duff on a turkey hunt in Kansas as they discuss the values of hunting and the process of what it takes to bring your food from the field to your fork.

Josh Carney: Son of the South

Episode 5 Part 2

Louisiana native Josh Carney was left paralyzed from the waist down after a hunting accident but has never let it keep him from his passion for the outdoors. 

The Joe Mantegna Story

Episode 6 Part 1

NRA All Access sits down with Joe Mantegna to learn about his passion for firearms, why he values the right to bear arms, and what it's like to be pro-gun in Hollywood.

The Henry Rifle: A Revolutionary Design

Episode 6 Part 2

NRA Senior Curator Phil Schreier and Henry Repeating Arms President Anthony Imperato share the history of the iconic Henry Rifle and explain why it has such a revered place among American firearms.

Morgan Wade: Behind the Bike

Episode 7 Part 1

Professional BMX rider Morgan Wade shares how he was able to turn his passion in to a career and how the outdoors plays an important role in his life.

Gunsmithing: Art of the Gun

Episode 7 Part 2

We explore the craftsmanship of gunsmithing – a trade that’s long been a part of American culture and learn how others are getting their turn in the trade.

Zombies in the Heartland

Episode 8 Part 1

In the Heartland, a group of strong and skilled competitors come together for what seems to be a care-free competition. What they don’t know is they were grouped together for a particular reason – to train for the zombie apocalypse. 

The Hunting Land Access Issue

Episode 8 Part 2

Viable hunting land is being lost at an alarming rate due to development and restrictive regulations, but NRA-ILA is working hard to find solutions and keep our hunting heritage alive.

Taya Kyle: American Wife

Episode 9 Part 1

Learn how Taya Kyle is preserving Chris's legacy through her new book American Wife, the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, and her focus on empowering others

The Truth About Sunday Hunting

Episode 9 Part 2

Sunday hunting is allowed throughout most of the United States except for a few states on the east coast. Find out how the outdated law affects the future of hunting and wildlife management in Pennsylvania.

The National School Shield

Episode 10

Introduced in December 2012, the NRA's National School Shield program focuses on providing schools across the country with tips and tools on improving security measures and developing security strategies. 

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