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In this series, learn about ballistics from internal to terminal to handloading your own ammo.

Caliber vs. Grain

Jessie Duff breaks down how caliber and grain helps shooters distinguish between the different styles of bullets.

Rimfire vs. Centerfire

Whether you own a firearm for hunting, self defense, or target shooting, it's important to understand ammunition. Jessie Duff walks us through the differences between rimfire and centerfire cartridges.

Internal Ballistics

What happens inside the barrel of your gun when you pull the trigger? In this edition of Firearm Science, Jessie Duff goes over internal ballistics, which studies the combustion of repellant, the pressure developed, and the motion of the bullet along the bore of the barrel.

Terminal Ballistics

What happens to a bullet when it reaches the point of impact? Learn about Terminal Ballistics, the study of how a projectile behaves and the transfer of kinetic energy when it hits the target, in this edition of Firearm Science.


There are many benefits to reloading your own ammunition. Depending on the caliber, reloading can cut your costs in half compared to buying manufactured ammunition. In this edition of Firearm Science, Jessie Duff walks through the how-to of turning a fired cartridge case into a safe round of loaded ammunition.

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