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Season 5 of NRA All Access

NRA's World Shooting Championship

Episode 1 Part 1

Join NRA All Access host Theresa Vail at the NRA World Shooting Championship. We follow Theresa’s journey from training to competing and get a close-up look in to the 3-day competition.

Obama's Gun Legacy

Episode 1 Part 2

NRA All Access meets with the leaders of NRA-ILA and learn the motives behind Obama’s actions, why he’s struggled with US gun laws during his presidency, how his actions will continue to affect the future of gun ownership, and what this all means for law abiding gun owners as he leaves office.

Jesse James: The Craftsman 

Episode 2 Part 1

NRA All Access heads to Austin to meet Jesse James and learn how he’s using his skills and talents in the firearms industry.

The History of NRA Instructors 

Episode 2 Part 2

Learn how NRA instructors continue to make an impact in educating and training others to safely operate a firearm.

Hillary’s War on the Second Amendment

Episode 3 Part 1

NRA All Access meets with NRA’s legislative team to discuss details to Hillary Clinton’s gun control agenda and the ramifications for gun owners if she were to enter office.

A Badge of Tradition 

Episode 3 Part 2

NRA All Access recollects on the long lasting relationship between the NRA and Boy Scouts.

Raising a Hunting Family 

Episode 4 Part 1

NRA All Access meets an inspiring single mother from Florida and how she’s raising her family with a strong passion for the outdoors. 

AR: America's Rifle 

Episode 4 Part 2

NRA All Access meets with the experts to discuss the development of a firearm that would quickly evolve in popularity from competition shooting to self-defense – the AR.


Kirsten Joy Weiss: Trick Shooter

Episode 5 Part 1

NRA All Access meets a decorated trick shooter and learns how she continues to challenge herself in the sport she loves.

Hunting Under Attack 

Episode 5 Part 2

NRA All Access meets with the experts and learn about the aggressive measures anti-hunting groups are taking to attack a lifestyle treasured by millions of Americans. 

Training Hollywood

Episode 6 Part 1

NRA All Access heads to California for an inside look to how Hollywood stars train for roles with a firearm for the big screen.

The Final Shutdown

Episode 6 Part 2

NRA All Access heads to the Bay Area where increasing gun control regulations prompted the last gun store to close shop for good.

A Slice of Italy

Episode 7 Part 1

NRA All Access goes international to Urbino, Italy! The firearms industry stretches across the globe. We head to the Franchi plant to learn more about Italian firearm history and how they're making a movement for the new generation of hunters. 

A Slice of Italy

Episode 7 Part 2

NRA All Access goes international and experiences the hunting culture in the beautiful countryside of Italy. We also learn how hunting is much more to Italians and the efforts Franchi is making towards the field to fork movement with the Franchi Food Academy. 

Passing on the Tradition 

Episode 8 Part 1

NRA All Access travels to Kansas to meet two young men whose lives changed when paired with a mentor who introduced them to hunting.

Broadening School Activities 

Episode 8 Part 2

NRA All Access visits an independent school in Rochester, NY that is initiating its first rifle team.

Boo Weekley: The
Outdoor Family Man 

Episode 9 Part 1

NRA All Access meets pro golfer Boo Weekley to learn how this family man spends time with his wife and kids when he’s not on the golf course.

WWII's Winning Rifle 

Episode 9 Part 2

NRA All Access takes a step back in to history to share the significance of the 1853 Enfield Rifle Musket during WWII and how an American helped spread mass production around the world.

The First Family of Quail

Episode 10 Part 1

NRA All Access heads to Missouri to meet a family who’s made it their life’s work to restoring the quail population.

Cameron Hanes: The Bowhunting Athlete 

Episode 10 Part 2

NRA All Access meets the Ultimate Predator Cameron Hanes who trains intensively each and every day to pave the way for safer, more successful hunts. 

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