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Season 2 of NRA All Access

Civil Rights Defense Fund

Episode 1 Part 1

Hear the story of a Utah gun owner who was placed in jail for 10 days after he was stranded in New Jersey with an unloaded firearm he had legally checked with his luggage in Salt Lake City. 

Refuse To Be A Victim

Episode 1 Part 2

Learn about Refuse To Be A Victim, a NRA program that teaches personal safety tips and techniques to be better prepared or avoid dangerous situations.

The Emily Miller Story

Episode 2 Part 1

Meet Emily Miller, an investigative journalist and author who shares the difficult experience she went through to legally obtain a firearm in Washington, DC, after falling victim to a home invasion.

NRA News

Episode 2 Part 2 

NRA News, the first source for freedom-related news in the United States, got its start more than 10 years ago and is still an integral part of the fight to protect our Second Amendment rights. 

Jamie Gray: Olympic Gold Medalist

Episode 3 Part 1

Pennsylvania native Jamie Gray, like many of us, grew up with a BB gun in her hands. But unlike most of us, Jamie's skill with firearms took her to heights she never imagined - Olympic gold. 

American Rifleman

Episode 3 Part 2

Take a look at the NRA's official journal, American Rifleman, and learn how it grew into one of the top 25 magazines in the United States and eventually a television series.

Willie Bloomquist: More Than A Game

Episode 4 Part 1

Major League Baseball player Willie Bloomquist has many highlights in his 13-year career. But Willie is also an avid outdoorsman and, in this clip, shares his passion for hunting and being a member of Team Weatherby.

The Texas Rangers Legacy

Episode 4 Part 2

The Texas Rangers have a storied history in the annals of United States law enforcement. Take a historical journey with NRA Museums Senior Curator Philip Schreier and learn about the notorious lawmen.

History of Air Guns

Episode 5 Part 1

Find out how the oldest pneumatic technology has affected the history of the world and the ways it's evolving with the hunters and competitive shooters of today.

Friends of NRA

Episode 5 Part 2

Learn how for more than 20 years the Friends of NRA grassroots fundraising program has helped insure the the future America's shooting sports traditions. 

The S.E. Cupp Story

Episode 6 Part 1

Conservative writer and commentator S.E. Cupp is as straightforward as they come. Learn how Cupp got involved in politics and why she supports the Second Amendment.

NRA Whittington Center

Episode 6 Part 2

Travel to Raton, New Mexico, and explore the crown jewel of the National Rifle Association, the NRA Whittington Center. The 33,000 acre facility is a paradise for outdoors enthusiasts of all kinds.

Bloomberg's Assault on the 2nd

Episode 7 Part 1

Michael Bloomberg is continuing to advocate his stance for gun control. Learn about his attack on the Second Amendment and what we can do to fight back.

A Legacy of Heroism

Episode 7 Part 2

Hear the story of the Garbarino family who lost a husband and father when Master Police Officer Michael E. Garbarino was shot outside a police station in 2006.

NRA Institute for Legislative Action

Episode 8 Part 1

Take a look at the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, which has been the country's most powerful voice in the fight for Second Amendment Freedoms since 1975.

Shed Hunter

Episode 8 Part 2

Josh Miller, three-time Shed Dog World Champion shares how hunting with a properly trained dog gives you a tremendous advantage in the field.

The Bianchi Cup

Episode 9 Part 1

The Bianchi Cup, started in 1979 by legendary holster manufacturer John Bianchi, has become the most prestigious pistol championship in the world. 

Bianchi Cup - Part 2

Episode 9 Part 2

Scores are tight and no one can afford to miss as the world's top shooters approach the championship's hardest event: Moving Target.

Turkey Grand Slam

Episode 10 Part 1

Avid outdoorsman and NRA President Jim Porter takes us on an adventure across four states to achieve his turkey Grand Slam while also learning about his passion for hunting.

Tactical Police Competition

Episode 10 Part 2

Trigger time is training time in the NRA's Tactical Police Competition, a 3-Gun match where competitors are thrust into real life scenarios with their pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

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