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Season 6 of NRA All Access

Ball and Buck: Beyond the Brand

Episode 1 Part 1

NRA All Access meets with Mark Bollman, founder of outdoor lifestyle brand, Ball and Buck, to learn more about the man who inspired this made in America company and see first hand how Ball and Buck brings a new generation to the hunting/outdoor lifestyle.

Armed Insurance

Episode 1 Part 2

NRA All Access meets Lance Toland, a businessman from Georgia, who goes to great lengths to protect his employees and keep them out of harms way during business hours. 

Presidential Firearms 

Episode 2 Part 1

NRA All Access meets with Jim Supica, Director of NRA Museums and Philip Schreier, Senior Curator of NRA’s National Firearms Museum to share the stories of U.S. presidents and their passion and respect for the second amendment. 

American Hero to American Dream 

Episode 2 Part 2

NRA All Access travels to North Carolina to meet veteran and double amputee Brad Lang who founded Stumpies Custom Guns proving that physical limitations are only as limiting as you make them. 

Ruck the Lifestyle

Episode 3 Part 1

NRA All Access visits with Jason McCarthy whose military service inspired him to start GORUCK, an outdoor gear and lifestyle company that encourages people to push themselves to their absolute limit and teaches them safe and important skills along the way.

Age Has No Limits

Episode 3 Part 2

NRA All Access visits 83-year-old Elaine Lunt who proves age is just a number when pursuing her dream of harvesting her first bull elk.

A Good Guy with a Gun

Episode 4 Part 1

NRA All Access meets with Scott Perkins, a Marine veteran, who didn’t think twice about his own life as he sprung into action to stop a violent attack on a local Sheriff’s deputy by drawing his concealed firearm.

Hickok45: YouTube Sensation 

Episode 4 Part 2

NRA All Access meets YouTube sensation, Hickok45 to learn what motivates him to share his passions of teaching and firearms with more than two million followers around the world.

Ashlee Lundvall: Champion of Change 

Episode 5 Part 1

NRA All Access travels to Wyoming to meet outdoorswoman Ashlee Lundvall who was paralyzed in a ranching accident and now travels the country encouraging audiences to get outside and enjoy life to it’s fullest, no matter what your physical conditions may be.

Carl Higbie: Standing for Freedom  

Episode 5 Part 2

NRA All Access meets former Navy Seal Carl Higbie who was stripped of his second amendment right by a judge who ruled under personal convictions and learn how he worked tirelessly to restore his own right as protected by the Constitution. 

Steven Crowder: A New Generation 

Episode 6 Part 1

NRA All Access heads to Michigan to meet actor and comedian Steven Crowder, whose weekly talk show, Louder With Crowder  is attracting a younger generation to get involved with topical issues - especially when it comes to the second amendment.

Blended Learning

Episode 6 Part 2

Join NRA All Access and learn how the NRA is expanding firearms training to the fast growing number of first-time gun owners with the brand new NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting blended learning course.

The Brad Thor Story

Episode 7 Part 1

NRA All Access meets author Brad Thor. With more than 15 action thriller novels featuring special operations teams to law enforcement communities, Thor is credited to providing his readers with stories that are cutting edge. Thor also applies his own interests when it comes to his writing - including firearms and gear. We learn how he expands upon the pages of his novels and is vocal about speaking up when it comes to gun rights.  

Make A First

Episode 7 Part 2

NRA All Access shares the stories of those who’ve gained valuable experiences from the outdoor lifestyle. From hunting, camping, shooting, fishing and more, the impact is paramount to everyone who participates. These experiences last a life time, is something that should continue to be celebrated, and it’s up to us to inspire others of the amazing things the outdoors has to offer. 

Jason Hairston: The Product of a Lifestyle 

Episode 8 Part 1

NRA All Access meets Jason Hairston, founder of outdoor gear company KUIU, who shares his love for the outdoors and how he risked it all to follow his dreams.

Kimber: Unmatched Quality 

Episode 8 Part 2

NRA All Access heads to New York where we visit with Kimber – America’s leading manufacturer of premium production firearms and learn how this company does it all right here in the U.S..

Scotty Lago: Shredding Stereotypes  

Episode 9 Part 1

NRA All Access meets top-ranked professional snowboarder Scotty Lago and visits with him in his home state of New Hampshire where we learn how hunting is much more than a hobby, it’s an overall lifestyle he embraces.

Preserving A Memory

Episode 9 Part 2

NRA All Access is joined by special guest Nate Hosie as he expands upon hunting and the memories attached with it. Nate introduces us to the artistry of taxidermy and how folks in the trade help hunters preserve those cherished memories for a lifetime.

America's Rifle Challenge 

Episode 10 Part 1

NRA All Access discusses the rise in gun ownership in America and how there’s more ways than one to sharpen and develop your skills in a safe and educational way. It’s time we eliminate the misconception that AR stands for ‘assault rifle’ and tell the world that the AR is America’s Rifle. 

How To Buy A Gun

Episode 10 Part 2

NRA All Access is joined by special guest Nate Hosie as he leads the discussion of the process involved in purchasing a firearm. Whether it’s your first time buying or not, knowing what to expect is beneficial to everyone.

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