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Theresa Vail: Breaking Stereotypes

Episode 1 Part 1

Meet soldier, marksman and 2013 Miss Kansas Theresa Vail. She breaks the stereotypes of women and the outdoors, and shares with us how her passion for the outdoor world helped shape her life.

NRA Outdoors Long Range School

Episode 1 Part 2

NRA Outdoors Long Range School is a program designed to build up techniques and skills in marksman for long-range shooting and hunting.

The Charlie Daniels Story

Episode 2 Part 1

Charlie Daniels is highly noted as a man of multiple chart topping hits in the music industry but is also an enthusiastic outdoorsman, and longtime friend of the NRA.

Matt Light: Molding Tomorrow's Leaders

Episode 2 Part 2 

Three-time Super Bowl Champion Matt Light shares how he takes his passion for the outdoors and shooting sports to raise funds for his charity organization – The Light Foundation.

Krystal Dollery: Hog Hunter

Episode 3 Part 1

Krystal Dollery, aka Krystal Pistol on A&E's American Hoggers reality series, talks about the importance of hog hunting and how it prevents damage to wildlife and livestock around the country.

NRA Day: Where Family Meets Fun

Episode 3 Part 2

Discover the world of Brownells/NRA Day, a family friendly program introduces different shooting sports activities to people of all ages and helps them find a great appreciation for America's shooting past time.

Colion Noir: Changing Perception

Episode 4 Part 1

Learn how expressing his opinions openly online lead Colion Noir to his partnership with the NRA as a NRA News Commentator.

The NRA Chopper

Episode 4 Part 2

For nearly 20 years, The NRA Foundation has worked with an assortment of vendors for the cause and Orange County Choppers is an astounding addition to its family.

The Shelby White Story

Episode 5 Part 1

In Twisp, Washington, cougars have made a well-known presence to ranchers. At 11 years of age, Shelby White immediatley acted to her brother's aide when the family noticed the animal lurking after him on their property.

The Great American Outdoor Show

Episode 5 Part 2

Learn about the Great American Outdoor Show, the largest sporting and outdoor show in the world, and how the NRA improved things when it took over management in 2014.

The Trent Cole Story

Episode 6 Part 1

With nearly a decade of professional football under his belt, Trent Cole has also maintained to keep up with his passion for hunting in conjunction with his busy schedule. 

Shooters Grill

Episode 6 Part 2

NRA All Access meets with Boebert and her staff in Rifle, Colorado to learn more about her decision for the business and how she’s making a positive impact for other gun owners.

Hunting with Suppressors

Episode 7 Part 1

State after state proceed to legalize the use of suppressors for hunting across the country. NRA All Access joins experts in the field from SilencerCo on a 3-day hunt in Texas and learn how this tool helps hunters in more ways than one. 

When the Guns Moved South

Episode 7 Part 2

With states slowly enforcing unconstitutional regulations, about 40 gun manufacturers have made the strategic decision to relocate to the southern region of the country.

Y.E.S.: Preparing Future Leaders

Episode 8 Part 1

Meet up with alumni from the NRA National Youth Education Summit, an annual educational opportunity in Washington, D.C. for prominent high school students, and learn about the impact it had on their lives.

Funds Providing For The Future

Episode 8 Part 2

Head to Nebraska and learn how hunters are the major contributor to wildlife restoration through the 1973 Pittman-Robertson Act, plus how the NRA helps fund public ranges.

The Sheriff Clarke Story

Episode 9 Part 1

Sheriff David Clarke struck national headlines when he took a bold stance for law-abiding citizens to exercise their right to bear arms. We meet with the Sheriff and find out why he’s a firm believer in the second amendment.

NRA's Law Enforcement Officer of the Year

Episode 9 Part 2

Meet Detective David McCarley, NRA's 2012 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year, and hear about his exceptional act of service as a member of the Pearl, Mississippi, police department.

Women Armed and Ready

Episode 10 Part 1

When Konnie Couch and Robin Willoughby had their homes and businesses robbed in 2011, they had enough. They were inspired to start Women Armed and Ready.

Hunters for the Hungry

Episode 10 Part 2

Learn how Hunters for the Hungry, amongst other state-level programs across the country, provide hundreds to thousands of pounds of venison to those in need.

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